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Liaocheng Haotian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a large-scale professional laser equipment R&B manufacturer combined with the optical, mechanical, electrical, With high quality laser products and services, Haotian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is expanding the size of enterprise quickly.

With high-grade assembly line, advanced checking instruments and precise laboratory, as well as experienced technicians, talented R&D and management employees, the company is proud of its high-yield……



What to look for when buying fiber the best fiber laser marking machines.

Fiber laser engravers are also known as fiber laser engraving machine or fiber laser marking machine. You can use these tools for all kinds of metal parts, but you can make permanent marks and engravings on some plastics...

comparison, relief fiber laser marking on Aluminium
nice comparison about on Aluminium with fiber laser, one with air assist on and the other with air assist off.
What is the difference between fiber laser, uv laser, co2 laser marking machine?
Today laser marking machine is very popular, It is widely used in various industries, like Electronic Components, Hardware Tools, Daily Necessities etc. But there are some types of laser marking ma...