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HT-690 CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine

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The HT-690 CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, with a working surface of 600x900mm, is distinguished by its versatility, as you can engrave and cut with it, and it will also surprise you with the possibility of engraving very tall objects thanks to the innovatively built table. The machine is suitable for engraving and cutting of objects such as stamps, tiles, as well as engraving of portraits, making watches, pendants, it is even possible to engrave on glasses, bottles, pens and various packaging, and cut acrylic glass and similar products. It is distinguished by a specially designed head which allows cutting almost without burning. You can use 4 different lenses in the innovative head (focal lengths 38.1mm, 50.80mm, 63.5mm, 101.6mm). The machine is a very good choice for beginners and professionals who want a reliable laser machine at a good price.

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Materials Cut Engrave
Wood/Cork/Bamboo/Veneer/MDF/Balsa wood/Plywood Yes Yes
Acrylic/Rubber/Plexiglass/Pmma Yes Yes
Glass/Fiberglass Yes
Coated Metals/Painted Metals/Anodized Aluminum Yes
Mylar/Delrin/Matte Board Yes Yes
Fabric/Cloth/Textile/Garment/Felt/Cotton/lace Yes Yes
Leather/Pig leather/Cow leather/Sheep leather Yes Yes
Ceramic/Marble/Tile Yes
Plastic Yes Yes
Melamine Yes     Yes
Paper/Cardboard/Pressboard/Chipboard Yes Yes
Organic board/ Double color plate Yes Yes
Corian Yes     Yes

Detailed Parameters

Work Area (X, Y, Z) - All doors closed 900 × 600 × 280 mm
Work Area (X, Y, Z) - All doors open 900 × ∞ × 300 mm
CO2 Laser Glass Tube 80W / 100W
Lifetime of CO2 laser tube up to 10.000 h
Cooling of laser tube water cooling with water flow sensor for protecting the tube, industrial chiller CW 5000
Dimensions of machine (L×W×H) 1450 × 1020 × 1110 mm / 1650 × 1020 × 1110 mm
Weight of machine 260 kg / 280 kg
Operating environment temperature 5°C - 35°C
Working table automatically adjustable table up to 280 mm/400 mm
honeycomb and aluminium blades
Focus lens diameter 20mm in focus 2.0˝ , optional 1.5˝ & 2.5˝
Max. Engraving speed / Cutting speed 0 do 40000 mm / min, 15000 mm / min
Resolution <1000 dpi
Accuracy <0,01 mm
Min. engraving size 1 × 1 mm
Cutting thickness up to 20 mm (depends of material)
Computer interface USB connection, Ethernet, USB key, own memory up to 100 programs (128 M)
Controler / Software Ruida RD Works/RDCam V8 (optional LightBurn)
Graphic format supported BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, CDR, DMG, DXF, PAT, CDT, CLK, DEX,
Operating systems Windows /XP /Vista /Win7 /Win8 /Win10
Compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop
Operation voltage AC230 +/- 10% 50 Hz
Exhausting System exhaust fan 550W 840m3/h
Air assist air compressor ACO012
Guide rail linear rails Hiwin
Other included items red dot, autofocus, ampermeter, time relay for on/off exhausting system
Optional items rotary device, stronger exhaust fan or fume extraction system,
stronger air compressor

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